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Testimonials about ArtCrowd's Projects and Programs

Testimonials about the Special Project Week at the Museum:

"They are very good professionals and they manage to integrate the children in the story they create."

Prof. Emilia Florea, Theoretical High School "Dante Alighieri", Bucharest

Testimonials about the art workshops for promoting reading in children and youths designed and delivered by ArtCrowd for Curtea Veche Association, in Bucharest and in other areas of the country:


"I really liked the drawing course (comic strip). Before, I didn't even know how to make a comic strip, but now I know. I especially liked when we had to create our characters and when we drew them. I would like to continue participating too! ” Matei, 9 years old, Cristesti, Mures County

Some teachers applied our advice through the brochure published together with Curtea Veche Association:


"Following the application of the workshop, both the children and I can tell you the following: - it was fun - the children made connections between the heroes of Ancient Greece and their previous acquaintances and even began to sing "Something just like this" from Coldplay, where some of these heroes are mentioned;

- they developed their confidence in themselves - because they presented in front of the class, in front of colleagues of different ages and at first it was difficult for them to express themselves orally and to represent what they drew;


- provocative - they captured the essence of the chosen chapter, but the graphic representation in some sequences represented a turning point, where I had to intervene, to listen to their ideas again - they put those on the sheet of paper, in writing, so they could outline them effectively, in the comic. For this reason, they also enjoyed the new information and were so pleased that:


- inspirational - they decided to make a play based on Ancient Greek Myths, to deepen the legends and make the soundtrack themselves. Then we told them about the shadow theater. Regarding the competences of Romanian language and literature, such a workshop, first of all, aims at perceiving the written text and identifying the main and secondary ideas of stories, as well as different modes of exposure: the narrative as the dominant mode of exposure, combined with the description - in the characterization of the characters and the dialogue. (...) "

Prof. Iulia Zecheru, professor of Romanian Language and Literature, Fundeni, Calarasi county

"I am a teacher of Romanian language and literature of a 5th grade from a rural school in Mures county and this semester I had the honor to do reading workshops in collaboration with the" Curtea Veche "Association in Bucharest.


The activity was attended by 16 students of our class who made shadow theater based on the volume "Greek Myths". The activity was very pleasing to the students so we decided to continue the collaboration with the above mentioned association. As a result, at the suggestion of the ARTCROWD Association, we decided, together with the students, to make comic books of the same volume, because the students were already familiar with the stories of the volume and because they had already loved the characters. The students got involved with dedication in carrying out the activities, they worked in a team, they supported and helped each other. I can say that this second workshop was a real success too. I warmly recommend to other students to participate in similar activities. "


Prof. Adela Florentina Hadarean, Professor of Romanian Language and Literature Cristesti, Mures County

"I liked this activity very much because it brought us closer and we had a lot of fun. These comics, in addition to developing your general knowledge, teach you how to draw. Even if you don't do comic strips, you still have a beautiful story in mind after reading the Greek myths. ”

Vlad Bretfelean, 11 years old, Cristesti, Mures county

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