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Special Project Week at the Museum of Art

Making a Difference in Education

Since 2012 Romanian schools have adopted a week long special projects model that can take place nearly anytime during the school year. Most schools choose cultural activities or trips to special destinations, and one of these is the Museum of Art in Bucharest.

ArtCrowd has been proudly collaborating with the museum since 2016 to now being able to offer over 20 different workshops and visits for children aged 3-14 on a large variety of topics and techniques. Contact us now for a school visit at the Museum at or here

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Critical Thinking and the Time of the City

New programs at Bucharest's Municipal Museum for Scoala Altfel

Starting with 2020 we are beginning a new collaboration with the Museum of the City of Bucharest or Bucharest's Muncipal Museum (MMB) for which we are very happy and excited. We will be working with children aged 11 up to 18 year olds and all Bucharest schools are welcome to join our thought provoking programs.

Our workshops designed as an hour and a half meetings address important themes for specific age groups for schools. Examples of themes are "What is Propaganda?", "Bucharest in Time and Space", "The Cult of Personality", "Student Organizations under Communism" etc. All workshops are hands-on and include a guided tour of the permanent exhibition. Contact us at to arrange a workshop. The offer (in Romanian) is bellow:

Bd.Dacia 66 ap.7 sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

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