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Girls with Ideas [Boys and Painting]

A Project about the Art Scenes of Bucharest and Cluj

In 2016 ArtCrowd-Artists in education conceived and organized a project about the (gendered) perceived identi-

ties of two of Romania's important art scenes, Cluj and Bucharest:

"In Cluj, Romania, there has been a well lauded recent history of predominantly male painters, based at Fabrica de Pensule acquiring international acclaim and commercial success. Whilst in Bucharest a distinctive feature is of women artists, typically not studio based and involved in a wide range of art practices largely taking place outside of a commercial framework. Playfully, one might describe the situation like this: Cluj is about boys and painting. Bucharest is about girls with ideas.

Participants at round tables in Cluj and Bucharest were invited to respond to these assumptions and to try and exemplify possible causes of this perception."

The project offered an exhibition of Bucharest based women artists who work with a wide range of mediums and ideas.

Exhibition Artists : Delia Popa, Raluca Popa, Aurora Király, Ioana Gheorghiu, Liliana Basarab

Curated by Giles Eldridge and Delia Popa. The conversations recorded were published in a publication that serves as exhibition catalogue as well. As part of the project there was also a guided tour of the show and of the Paintbrush Factory for high school students from Avram Iancu High School in Cluj with interactions between the students and the artists. 

Exhibition at Lateral ArtSpace, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj, Romania

Roundtables at Paintbrush Factory, Cluj and at ODD, Bucharest, Romania

10th of June - 30th of June 2016

A Project of ArtCrowd- Artists in Education, supported by AFCN


Photo credits: Roland Vaczi

Publication of the Project below:

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