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ArtCrowd Design

  Museum and Gallery Design

Supporting Cultural Actors

We support the museums' important cultural mission through bespoke educational curriculum development and curriculum advising.


Our tailored museum workshops and multi-week programs are suitable for school groups, families or adults respectively, in institutions across Europe, the United States and Canada, and we are eager to receive inquiries from other regions of the world.

Supporting Teachers and Schools

We support the schools' essential role as educators and nurturers of the next generations of creative citizens, by providing a wide range of services.

We offer our year long curriculum for art history and practice, and our award winning* curriculum for language teaching through theater for primary and secondary schools and provide support in including them in the school's art and/or foreign language curriculum.


The programs have been developed over several years, with over 3000 students by a team of professional artists, architects, musicians, set designers and art educators, all at the forefront of their respective fields, in collaboration with educators from Teach for All international alumni team.

In addition we offer curriculum advising for art, languages, and interdisciplinary subjects, drawing from our over 6 year long experience as educators in private and state schools, in urban and rural environments, and across nationalities.

*The Odyssee Reloaded Human Shadow Theater program has been awarded the European Language Label prize in 2014 for innovative language teaching by the European Commission.

Please download our Presentation Document in PDF Format:

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