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School Projects & Programs

Supporting Children Design their Own Future and Teachers Support their Students

We support the teachers' essential role as educators and nurturers of the next generations of creative citizens, by providing a wide range of services. Please write to us for any assistance in designing a more involving art education and art across the curriculum for your students. Their future is as important to us as it is to you. We hope the following programs are of inspiration to you and we would be happy to hear your opinion and suggestions. Please feel free to write under Contact or at!

Art History and Practice

A Hands On Art History Curriculum

An amazing journey through important moments and movements of Western art history and International contemporary art that engages students at all levels, from mind-heart-hand coordination to discovering color-theory to using new terms, or enabling foreign language learning.


Each session is designed to introduce students to a certain theme relevant to their developmental phase, while at the same time allowing them to get acquainted with renowned artists and innovative techniques.


This program has been developed as a year long curriculum and has been tested in schools with more than 150 students.

Outcomes of the course are developed critical thinking skills, developed creative thinking skills and developed ability to participate in team work. ArtCrowd has also designed its own life skill assessment chart that helps educators and parents evaluate the child's development, and adjust the curriculum accordingly. You can contact us through the Contact form bellow to organize this workshop in your school.

Odyssey Reloaded

A Human Shadow Theater Curriculum

Our most popular program, this unique blend of movement, music, acting and set designing, brings students in contact with theatrical means of expression, while allowing them to explore drawing, design and perspective through analogue technologies.

Like Ulysses we begin our journey as an Odyssey of light, shadow and sound. After we follow the narrative thread we discover that a character doesn't necessarily need to be human. It can be a nymph, a cyclops, even a stone or a wave. Children experiment with the means of theater such as costumes, masks, objects and their own bodies.

The soundtrack is made by them as well working with exciting instruments such as the ocean drum, the maracas, the triangle, the bell or even self-made instruments out of recycled materials. By means of a series of games children discover how to transform their shadows into theatrical expression.

The end of the journey is marked by a public theater play. This marvelous journey can be taken to develop vocabulary and verbal skill in a foreign language.

For the video click here

This program is the winner of the European Language Label prize 2014 from the European Commission for innovation in language teaching.You can contact us through the Contact form bellow to organize this workshop in your school.

Heritage Preservation Workshops

Learning about Past Achievements

This is a hands-on architectural journey around a city's most interesting sites. It was presented so far in three consecutive years as a summer school in the historic town of Campulung, Romania, and as a school project in the visual art curriculum of a secondary school in Bucharest's historic 18th century center.


Through treasure hunts and discussions about a child-friendly ideal city, children and teenagers discover the main principles of architecture and urban planning while understanding the necessity of heritage preservation, as the future care-takers and planners of our towns and cities.

The workshops can be finalized with a joined booklet designed by the participants that functions as a tourist guide. You can contact us through the Contact form bellow to organize this workshop in your school.

Reading Through Art Workshops

Tackling the Literacy Issue

As our world becomes increasingly digital and visual children and youth work less and less with written texts and books, which may decrease their communication skills and their verbal abilities.

ArtCrowd has partnered with Curtea Veche Association to provide nationwide reading workshops via art making and viewing to children aged 6-14.

So far together we have worked in over 10 cities and towns in Romania with over 600 children, promoting storytelling and reading via figure shadow theater, architecture and comic strip workshops. In 2017 a booklet has been published with our guidance to primary and secondary teachers who wish to engage their students in class in creating comic strip stories. You can contact us through the Contact form bellow to organize this workshop in your school.


Coming Together for Art

Festivals help focus our attention on one particular topic or issue. We realize that there are other people interested in what we are interested in and that we can create more awareness in the world.

Together with Curtea Veche Association, we offered art workshops for reading for more than 1000 children in three consecutive years since 2015, creating awareness about the necessity, enjoyment and creative potential of reading stories in form of books, especially classic child-friendly international literature, such as Gulliver's Travels: A Voyage to Lilliput  Robinson Crusoe, The Odyssey, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame etc.

Together with the National Museum of Romanian Literature we offered a thre-day long city-camp at Arghezi House in Bucharest, to children from the area, to discover contemporary Romanian poets by means of making an artist book themselves, The results were spectacular, creating a real response to the writers and to poetry itself.

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