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About ArtCrowd

Engaging diverse communities

ArtCrowd has been a near decade long advocate for a quality art education for all students from kindergarten to high school levels. Our unique curricula, developed by artists, educators, theater professionals, and architects has been implemented with more than 3000 students.

We work with museums, schools, galleries, and various other institutions, with the main objective of developing essential life skills for all children and youths.


ArtCrowd was awarded the prize European Language Label in 2014 for innovation in language teaching by the European Commission.

Just imagine what we can achieve together!

ArtCrowd Activities
ArtCrowd Activities
ArtCrowd Activities
ArtCrowd Activities
ArtCrowd Activities
ArtCrowd Activities
ArtCrowd Activities
About: About Us

Founding Team:

Delia Popa, visual artist/co-founder/ manager, Vanda Maria Sturdza, set designer/co-founder

Core team:

Delia Popa, visual artist/art educator, Marta Curteanu, performer/art educator, Andreea Dincă, architect/ art educator

Collaborators, present and past:

Daniela Palimariu, visual artist/art educator

Victor Flueraș, psychotherapist

Alexandra Mihailciuc, architect/art educator

Liliana Basarab, visual artist/art educator

Larisa David, visual artist

Cornelia Zaharia, architect

George Turliu, musician/art educator

Giles Eldridge, visual artist/curator

Șerban Babei, musician/art educator


Daniela F. Gheorghe, mentor

Silvia Pătrașcu, curriculum adviser/Teach for Romania alumna

Iulia Zecheru, curriculum adviser/teacher/ Teach for Romania alumna

Raluca Croitoru, performance artist 

Daniel Nagy, visual artist

Roxana Poițelea, management adviser

Our long term partners:

National Museum of Art of Romania (MnaR)

Sandwich Gallery

Curtea Veche Association


Support Culture in Education

Organizations/Institutions we have been collaborating with:

National Museum of Literature of Romania (MNLR)

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania (MNAC)

Ephemair Association/Rezidența BRD Scena 9

CubicMeter Association/Sintagma Center

Lateral ArtSpace

The New Gallery/Galeria Nouă

Pro Patrimonio Association

We have been co-financed by:

AFCN, (The Administration of the National Cultural Fund)

ArtCrowd Team

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