Museum Projects & Programs

Reaching Out to the Cultural Institution's Public

Special Project Week at the Museum of Art

Bringing the Public Closer to Heritage

Since 2012 Romanian schools have adopted a week long special projects model that can take place nearly anytime during the school year. Most schools choose cultural activities or trips to special destinations, and one of these is the Museum of Art in Bucharest.

ArtCrowd has been proudly collaborating with the museum since 2016 to now being able to offer over 20 different workshops and visits for children aged 3-14 on a large variety of topics and techniques. If you are a museum contact us to learn our museum offer at or here

Creative Encounters at  Memorial Houses

Year Long Museum Education Program

From 2017 to 2019 The National Museum of Literature commissioned our museum education curriculum to serve the communities living in close proximity of Bacovia Memorial House and, on special events of Tudor Arghezi Memorial House.

Our workshops designed as multi-week meetings of 3-4 sessions address important themes for specific age groups, for families and schools. Examples of themes are Portraiture and Self-Representation in Art History, Animals and Imaginary Creatures, My City, Poetry and Art meetings etc. All workshops are hands-on and include a guided tour of the poet George Bacovia's house in Bucharest. Please write to us if you are interested in our workshops.

Learning New Techniques at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Helping in Bridging the Gap

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest has continuous temporary exhibition programs on Romanian and international art of the late 20th century and 21st century.


Our engaging workshops for children, teenagers and adults help bridge the gap between the artistic and curatorial presentation and the general public, by means of involving them in specific exhibition and popular art techniques, such as observational drawing, engraving, monotyping or stamp making. Most of our programs with the museum are for families and are scheduled during the weekends.

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